• Annette

Secret Irish destination wedding/elopement locations "Thin Places"

Lots of fun today visiting locations on the world renowned Causeway Coast and Glens of Antrim. Northern Ireland is a well kept secret for beautiful, unique destination weddings or elopements. There is so much charm, stunning settings and always lots of warmth from anyone you meet. In Celtic times the North Coast of Ireland and the Glens were known as "thin places". They are moving and beautiful in a way that made the distinction between heaven and earth so 'thin' that you couldn't distinguish between them. This 'thin' feeling continues today when you find yourself, with a little help from a local, in one of those special places.

Here's one such place. The combination of sea, sky, land and that sense of ancient times come together to make this a truly "Thin Place".

What surroundings to have your own very special ceremony in. Working with an Independent Celebrant gives you the freedom to create that bespoke, unique wedding ceremony in such a place. Where better to declare your love and make a life long commitment to each other than in the midst of this beauty where heaven and earth fuse together.